Hydragas Sway Presentation on Lake Kivu

Online Presentation of the Lake Kivu Project

Check out this Hydragas Sway Presentation for more about Hydragas Energy, in this unusual format. For that, you can use this link to access the presentation in Sway, a little used Microsoft Presentation format.

Sway is in fact view-able on any web browser. So try viewing the Sway presentation here now. It will give a quick insight on Lake Kivu’s development. Similarly, it will illustrate the approach used by Hydragas Energy to carry out Lake Kivu development.

See the Hydragas Sway presentation link below:

Go to this Sway


2 thoughts on “Hydragas Sway Presentation on Lake Kivu

    1. Dear Jean-Clement,
      After a break from Rwanda of a couple of years, when I worked with REG on a program with the EU to re-draft the MPs, I am aiming to get back to developing new projects with the advanced technology I have.

      My plan is to re-enter discussions for access to a gas concession once I have raised sufficient capital to build at least a demo-scale project of 5MW or alternatively to build a 50MW project.

      I have discussions going on the Rwanda and DRC sides of the lake, but first preference will be Rwanda.

      What is your role at REG?

      Regards, Philip

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