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Opportunity for Net-zero at Country Scale

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Our Impact on the Lake's Environment & Community

We have designed a series of projects on Lake Kivu that will de-risk the chance of an eruption that can emit 2 gigatons of carbon in a single day.
The lake contains 500 bcm of water & 400 bcm of gas. It is a natural CCS, upgradeable to store 5 gigatons of carbon, preserving its density structure.
With Hydragas' gas extraction method, 100% compliant with the safe extraction rules, the lake's risk of eruption will drop 99% within 20 years.
Community safety is improved by preventing this eruption and the resulting release of a cloud of toxic gas that fills the valley.

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Click on a Card on the home page to navigate to in-depth articles on Lake Kivu and the Hydragas extraction technology. The second card provides access to another menu page with  interesting blogs. The blog pages are where we have updates and opinions on issues that are material to the health and wealth of the lake communities.

Our website is set up as an information source. This home page links to blog pages on the site explain the issues around how and why we will develop a most remarkable, nature-based energy source.

Lake Kivu is the second-deepest of Africa’s Great Lakes. It has a unique trap for anoxic biogas formation and storage. It poses a danger to its community but is simultaneously a source of wealth from its resources. We discuss views on the best development options.

We explain why the right choices must be made for the community’s safety. The knowledge is worth sharing. In the past a lack of knowledge, mixed with opportunism, was a source of poor decision-making. The price of poor decisions is measured in lives and lost opportunity.

Gas Resource in Lake Kivu: Composite Cross Section view of Lake Kivu to 1000m depth with volcanoes in background

Huge but Dangerous CH4 Gas Resource in Lake Kivu

Update: As one of a group of experts appointed to work on Lake Kivu’s safe development, we studied the dangers. Both lava and seismic rifting are two “Black-Swan” events we fear. But only if these are very large events they become extremely dangerous. I update this blog to show what we fear most compared to where we are now.

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Gas Extraction Innovation: Rory Harbinson in photo, making a pipe joint during pilot-testing

Gas Extraction Innovation

Philip Morkel, Founder & CEO Innovator, Founder & CEO Philip Morkel is the originator of the Hydragas technology, a capability at the heart of

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Home Page: Hydragas Menu

Hydragas Energy Menu shows pages on our website, covering the development of Lake Kivu as a nature-based renewable energy supplier for Rwanda and the Eastern DRC in Africa.

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