Lake Kivu with the hills and volcanos that surround it.

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Welcome to select Lake Kivu blogs and posts. This is a diverse choice of opinion, writings, musings, tributes and even rants triggered by related topics. Scan through posts below for topics from climate change, technical explanations, the gorillas of Virunga, social changes and personalities.

I share a passion with many Rwandans, Congolese, international travellers and experts for Lake Kivu and its splendours. We are all drawn to it. But Lake Kivu is a special and almost mystical environment, unique for its nature. Indeed, legends have grown around attempts to explain the lake’s resource treasure and how it behaves. Yet sometimes it presents itself as dark, moody, deadly and stormy.

Two live volcanoes define it. Just 10,000 years ago they turned the waters from being the source of the Nile River to flowing south and west through the Congo River to the Atlantic.  From its waters at night one sees the red glow from Mt Nyiragongo’s lava bubbling in the caldera. At other times the lake is calm and bright, a mirror-calm surface that defies its great depths and often violent history.

The Hydragas Team

Philip Morkel

Founder & CEO

Canadian: 30-yrs global mining, energy projects lead

Fluor O&G lead in Africa, Global O&G lead at Hatch, Megaproject leader Mining, O&G, LNG, Nuclear

Innovator & global expert gas-from-water extraction

Fabrizio Stefani

Chief Engineer

South African, 15-years with Kivu project, engineering team leader

16 years Africa experience in EPCM resource projects

Engineering leadership in top international EPCMs

Ian Porter

Business Development

Australian: 30-year in O&G, power generation technology GE, Shell

Business development lead gas-sep. tech, clean energy

Renewables in Australasia

Aime Kubwimana

Country Lead

Rwandan: Civil/Structural engineer for 20 years.

International projects in South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria, East Africa.

Kivu Feasibility study, detail design, construction plan.

Helina Patience

Fractional CFO

Fractional CFO – Vancouver based financial, management consulting & start-up advisory.

Clients are technology companies that are scaling up – Seed through Series B

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Lake Kivu Blogs & Posts

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